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Interim Management

Clients trust BWord to identify the best solution for their business

Whether you need to address levels of productivity, reduce wastage or need to streamline certain processes, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide an Interim Manager ready to take on the challenge and hit the ground running.

Appointing an Interim Manager ensures a timely response to a specific business need.

We can supply a wide range of Interims, from Commercial Directors to Chief Executives

BWord is committed to understanding client needs and issues and our services are designed to ensure a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution that delivers on the agreed objectives. Our Interim Managers are experienced in all Board activities, including sales, finance, operations, production, supply chain and project management. We also have access to specialists in fields such as compliance, space utilisation and intellectual property management.

BWord is more than a database of CVs. We know the people behind the CVs. Many have worked with BWord for many years and we know their skills, strengths and capabilities. We maintain regular contact, know where they are and when they are available. Having absolute trust and confidence in the people we place contributes to our reputation and ongoing relationships with our clients.

We know our Interims well, it makes all the difference