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Introducing Walker-Cox

Consider BWord an extension of your team

BWord is part of the Walker-Cox group of companies. Set up in 2011, BWord specialises in providing expert resources to the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Knowledge and understanding of these sectors run deep. The directors of BWord come from engineering and manufacturing backgrounds themselves and, uniquely, continue to work as management consultants themselves.

We are focused on understanding your organisation, strategy and the business issues you face.

Strong working relationships deliver tangible results

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. We don’t believe in simply sitting at our desks, we get out and experience our clients’ businesses at first hand. We ask to be ‘walked through’ issues and problems so that we can identify how best our service can add value.

We work with the best in the business, experienced Interim Managers, Consultants and Project Managers who have previously fulfilled permanent senior roles within engineering and manufacturing organisations. Our ability to supply the right resources as a quality solution to client requirements has seen BWord grow, largely on the basis of referral and recommendation.

Our register of expert Interims gives access to the best people in the market